iPhone 5 release date rumors: "5G" case leak shows Apple iPad ratio

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By Richi Jennings. May 16, 2011.

Updated: Yes, more rumors confirming the iPhone 5 release date. A Chinese "iPhone 5G" case leak indicates Apple (AAPL) is still aiming for launch in September 2011. It's also apparently moving the flash away from the camera lens and switching the screen shape to the same ratio as the iPad -- so pay attention, app developers. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers count the pixels.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention Useless machine, or way for Schrödinger to ease his troubled mind?..

Jeffry McDowell has been scouring the Chinese B2B markets:

Kulcase have posted some images of iPhone 5 cases ... that clearly show two holes – one for conventional camera and another ... for projector or for an external flash. ... [Also] larger edge-to-edge screen with [a] thinner bezel.


Pay attention to these designs ... Asian suppliers often get the details of the device ahead of the official launch.  

OMG, it's Josh Ong:

Guangdong, China-based Kulcase is listing an alleged "Newest design crystal case for Apple iPhone 5g." ... Alibaba.com serves as a ... business-to-business trading site ... the source for a number of Apple product leaks in the past.


While the mockup should ... be taken with a grain of salt, case manufacturers in the past have obtained ... Apple's design specifications ahead of official ... announcements. In March, three employees from ... Foxconn were formally charged with ... allegedly leaking the design of the iPad 2.  

The anonymous Electronista gnomes connect the dots:

The new iPhone, regardless of design, isn't anticipated until September but would start manufacturing in July ... giving time for early schematics to show.


Although ... a company from Guangdong in the mainland would be an unusual choice given its distance from Foxconn ... factories ... the cases themselves would ship out of ... Shenzhen, Foxconn's core manufacturing base.  

Tab Julius thinks the altered screen ratio is significant:

I figure there is more to the edgeless screen than just having more screen real estate and looking cool. ... The iPhone currently has a 2:3 screen ratio (320x480). The iPad has a 3:4 screen ratio. ... the wider screen on the supposed iPhone 5 is a move to the same screen ratio.


The photograph measures roughly 105x143 ... pretty close to 108x144, which would, in fact, be a 3:4 screen ratio. ... So I offer that the iPhone 5 photo ... shows an effort to move the iPhone to the same screen ratio as the iPad ... a logical thing [for Apple] to do.  

But Lily just bitches about the picture:

Sadly, given the quality of the image, it seems that this is just a poor effort using Photoshop.  

Meanwhile, Yoni Heisler brings it on:

iPhone rumors haven't exactly been pouring in like they have in past years. But this weekend was an exception. ... the flash has apparently been moved to the other side. ... If this is indeed the iPhone 5 design, this should result in better picture quality such as reduced redeye. ... An edge to edge screen ... echoes earlier reports that [it] will sport a larger screen size to ... compete with Android devices.


[But] while hardware designs are routinely leaked out to case manufacturers, misleading case designs have been known to pop up.  


And Finally...

Useless machine, or way for Schrödinger to ease his troubled mind?

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