Apple's white iPhone 4 release date: "NEVER"

White iPhone 4 (williamhook @ flickr)
By Richi Jennings. October 28, 2010.

Sigh, it would appear that Steve Jobs' gnomes in Cupertino and China can't do much right these days. The white iPhone 4 release date slips and slips again, as Apple announces yet another delay. This time: Spring 2011. In IT Blogwatch, bloggers conclude that it's effectively canceled.

Your humble blogwatcher curated these bloggy bits for your entertainment. Not to mention Clever, Unbelievable Photo Perspectives...


Jonathan S. Geller offers this brief eulogy:

Adding on to [Tuesday’s] Apple announcement that the company would further delay ... the white iPhone 4, we have received new information. ... We have been told that Apple in fact has no plans to release [it].


Our source hypothesizes another “delay” communicated around March leading us into an iPhone 5 release ... in June / July. ... Manufacturing sources ... are keeping quiet. ... There might be something else going on behind the scenes.

Brian X. Chen says forever is a long, long time:

The release of the white model was ... postponed — first for a month, then to the end of the year, and now until spring of next year. ... A spring release for the iPhone 4 would be odd. ... Who would buy one then?


The departure of Mark Papermaster, Apple’s executive in charge of iPhone hardware, was a telling incident. ... Multiple anonymous sources claim he was ousted because of ... the antenna flaw ... and the white iPhone 4’s delay.


If you’re been holding off on buying an iPhone 4 because you want a white model, don’t bother.

And Ian Paul waxes cynical:

Judging by the ... excitement maybe Apple should come up with a delayed/faux iPhone every year. How about for the iPhone 5 launch, the company releases a limited edition rainbow-colored iPhone? ... The multi-hued iPhone could make infrequent appearances at Apple Stores.


But just before you get to the cash register, poof!, the smartphone species disappears back into the mists of the Genius Bar. Trust me, Steve, I think I'm onto something here.

But Leander Kahney has his own sources:

The white iPhone 4 has been delayed because it can’t take good pictures. ... The handset’s semi-translucent glass case leaks light in, ruining pictures ... especially when the built-in flash is used.


“It washes out the pictures,” said a source with connections to Apple who asked to remain anonymous. ... The problem may demand a complete redesign, they said, hence the string of delays. ... It was only during testing of some early cases that the problem was found.

Meanwhile, Mark Chubb brings British desparation:

Apple, please step forward and grow some manly front area. ... Let us know what is going on, you owe it to your customers to let us know the real story instead of rumour upon rumour.

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