Android Power Round: Tirades, upgrades, and really fast phones

Article copyright 2010 JR Raphael. All rights reserved.

Fighting words? Check. Upgrade news? We've got it. Fasten your seatbelts, kiddos: It's time for another jam-packed edition of the Android Power Round -- our fast-paced and light-hearted look at the week's most interesting Android news.

This week:

Steve Jobs Tirade

Jobs is jabbing. Steve Jobs shakes his fists, stomps his feet, and says statistics be damned: The iPhone is still #1! Insiders say Jobs did the same thing when he lost the race for sixth grade class president.

Winamp's a-rockin'. A beta version of Winamp for Android hits the Android Market. Still under development: Netscape Navigator for Android and Lotus 1-2-3 Mobile.

Gingerbread's baking. Despite the rumors, Google's new Android Gingerbread release doesn't make a midweek debut. Man -- and here we thought those anonymous "people familar with the plans" were never wrong.

Motorola's testing. Motorola is looking for Cliq users to help test the phone's Android 2.1 upgrade. The real test is whether any Cliq users actually still believe their upgrade's ever coming.

YouTube's improving. Google releases a redesigned YouTube app into the Android Market. Finally, we can watch that Numa Numa guy in style.

Germs are growing. A study finds touchscreen phones carry more germs than toilets. If you ask us, the research is full of crap.

Android's winning. A Wall Street Journal survey names Android the best mobile operating system by a wide margin. Steve Jobs releases a statement saying the results were "like, totally rigged."

Android Power Twitter

Droid is speeding. Hackers manage to overclock the Droid X and Droid 2 to a blistering 2.0GHz. Luckily, they stuck to quiet back roads and avoided the po-po.

Sony's expanding. Sony tells reporters it's thinking about putting Android into more kinds of consumer products. If they come out with a multitasking, margarita-making BlenderDroid, you'd better believe we're buying one.

AT&T's adjusting. AT&T starts training its staff to entice new customers without relying on the iPhone. Lessons include "Promoting Android Handsets," "Selling Smartphone Accessories," and "Hiding the Fact That We're AT&T."

(Disclaimer: The Android Power Round is heavy in snark, sarcasm, and unsaturated fat. Enjoyment of this product should be attempted only by healthy individuals who have not recently undergone humor-bypass procedures. Recommended for external use only.)

JR Raphael writes about smartphones and other tasty technology. You can find him on Facebook, on Twitter, or at eSarcasm, his geek-humor getaway.

Article copyright 2010 JR Raphael. All rights reserved.

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