Motorola Backflip gets the Android 2.1 nod

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Motorola Backflip Android 2.1 Upgrade

Just one day after releasing Android 2.1 for the Cliq, Motorola is now offering the upgrade to users of its AT&T Backflip device.

The Backflip's Android 2.1 upgrade is officially available on Motorola's support site as of this morning. Because of the size of the upgrade, you'll have to install it manually; the software won't be sent out automatically over-the-air.

Motorola Backflip Android 2.1 Upgrade: What to Expect 

Android 2.1 is a far faster and more stable release than the long-outdated 1.5 edition that's been on the Backflip up until now. You should notice a significant improvement in your phone's speed and performance once you make the leap.

Other highlights of the Motorola Backflip's Android 2.1 upgrade, as described by Motorola:

  • The phone now supports up to 7 home screens.
  • Happenings and Messaging widget content can be filtered with new customizable filters (e.g. contact group).
  • Widgets can be resized on the home screen by touching and holding a widget until a vibration is felt, then dragging the corners to expand or shrink.
  • Calendar widget distinguishes personal and work appointments with color-coding.
  • Contact Quick Tasks allows you to easily access your favorite contacts by using a widget you customize for your home screen.
  • Date and Time displays the time (in digital or analog) and date on your home screen.
  • Device Toggle makes it easy to turn on/off frequently used functions on your phone (Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc.).
  • Sticky Note allows you to save a quick little note on the home screen.
  • Email multi-select is available in every email account.
  • The phone now supports having more than one Gmail account.
  • Corporate email can be pushed immediately to you.
  • Global Address List can be used to find co-workers' email addresses.
  • New versions of the following are included: Gmail, Google BrowserTM, Google Calendar and Sync, Enhanced Google SearchTM from Google Search BarTM, and YouTubeTM.
  • New features include: PlacesTM, Google TalkTM, Google TalkbackTM, and Speech to Text.
  • Google Maps now supports turn-by-turn navigation.
  • Auto-complete feature uses your personal search history on Google Maps to make it easy to map recently searched locations.
  • Synchronization allows starred items to be shared between Google Maps and
  • Motorola Media Gallery consolidates photos and videos into one gallery and includes new editing features.
  • This software upgrade also includes the following: improved Android Market layout, Contact Manager, Battery Manager, new Unlock Screen, and improved RSS Feeds for Android Browser.

On top of all of that, you'll finally be able to access the wealth of Android apps that are available only for 2.x devices -- programs that let you customize your Android lock screen, for example, or control your phone by voice.

Motorola Backflip Android 2.1 Upgrade: How to Get Started 

All right -- ready to roll? Go read Motorola's list of pre-upgrade considerations [PDF] to make sure your phone is properly prepared. Once you're all set, you'll find the steps to completing the actual process here.

Happy upgrading!

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Article copyright 2010 JR Raphael. All rights reserved.

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