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Remember those Android Market upgrades we were talking about a few days back? Google's just dropped another hint that more changes are on the way.

In a blog posted at Google's official Android Developers Blog late Thursday, Android team member Tim Bray advised developers to get their apps ready for the Market's next phase.

"In preparation for introducing some new Market features (that we think you'll like), we're about to launch a re-scan of all ... legacy apps," Bray says.

This message is Bray's second note to developers this week; on Wednesday, he posted a blog reviewing the string of recent improvements to the Market and emphasizing the importance of its renovation.

"Almost instantly after I joined Google, it became obvious to me that the number-one area where Android developers wanted to see action and progress was in Android Market; your concerns in this area vastly outweighed whatever issues might be bothering you about the handsets and the framework and the programming tools," Bray wrote.

So what's the grand plan for the Android Market? As far as timing, we know Google's Android Gingerbread release is growing increasingly close to its public debut. It would make sense that some Android Market improvements might be announced around the same time.

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In terms of what specifically is on-deck, the enhancements could include the introduction of PayPal-based app purchases and/or the rollout of Google's Google Music song-purchasing service. We may also soon see the launch of the Android Market Web store; Google gave us a glimpse of it during a company demo back in May and hasn't mentioned it since.

Keep your ears open and your eyes peeled, kiddos: From the Market changes to Gingerbread and that mysterious Nexus S device, the end of 2010 looks to be anything but dull.

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Article copyright 2010 JR Raphael. All rights reserved.

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