A raised floor for your new data center? Fuggedaboutit.

When it comes to designing efficient data centers you rely on experts, but behind the scenes those experts don't always agree. Certain religious wars continue to be debated. One is the age-old AC versus DC for power distribution.

Another has to do with the use of raised floors.

Data center managers may think about raised floor designs as part and parcel of hot-aisle/cold-aisle designs but it doesn't have to be that way, says KC Mares, president and chief energy officer at Megawatt Consulting, which has consulted on the design of some very large data centers (Mares also commented on I/O Data Center's use of ice balls to cool its Phoenix data center). 

"We use concrete slab," says Mares. "We can serve overhead more efficiently at a lower construction cost and it's more adaptable over time." Concrete slab designs cost less to own and operate, he says. "That's why the majority of big enterprises are going to no raised floor."

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