Facebook's updated News Feed in pictures

Facebook rolled out its redesigned News Feed on Thursday, emphasizing visual content and the ability to prioritize different News Feeds.

Before and After

Facebook on Thursday rolled out its redesigned News Feed, emphasizing visual content and the ability to prioritize different feeds. CEO Mark Zuckerberg called the updated look "visually rich and engaging." Images are now larger and hold a place of prominence on each page.

Prioritize your feed

One of the main features of the new News Feed is the ability to prioritize your feeds. Now you will be able to peruse All Friends, Photos, Music and Following, which consolidates news from the pages you like and the people you are following, without content from other feeds encroaching on your chosen topic.

Photos News Feed

This example from the Photos feed shows how images are taking the place of text. Of course text still plays a part on Facebook, but images are really the focal point of each page.

Music feed

The Photos feed is not the only place that photos take precedence. Like Justin Timberlake? He will show up big and proud on your Music feed. 

Upcoming events

The updated look also affects your Upcoming Events. Now it is easier to track what events your friends are attending each day. Pretty handy on a Friday night.

Consolidating Likes

Another new feature is consolidating on your News Feed what your friends are viewing. If several Friends have Liked or Shared a particular story or video, it will show up on your News Feed only once, although you will be able to see everyone who has liked it. 

Interface Consistency

Facebook has made its look consistent across platforms. Whether visiting from your phone, tablet or the Web, Facebook wants you to have the same experience. 

The New Look

Facebook started rolling out the redesign Thursday on a limited basis on the Web. Over the next couple of weeks, you will also start noticing the changes on your mobile devices.