Android on Twitter: 25 interesting experts to follow

By JR Raphael (@jr_raphael)

Twitter's a great place for Android news, but finding the right people to follow isn't always easy. That's why I decided to create a list of Android experts who consistently churn out engaging insights and info in 140 characters or less.

Android Twitter

My goal in making this list was to point out people who regularly tweet interesting things about Android and Android-related topics, and I spent a lot of time looking over various experts' tweets to find folks who fit that description. There are countless experts in the Android community, but many of them use Twitter largely for personal or other non-Android-centric communication. That's perfectly fine, of course; this list is just designed to provide a steady source of Android-related info and discussion (generally, if not exclusively).

I should also point out that for the purposes of this list, I focused on individuals who tweet personally as opposed to blogs/websites that send RSS-style links to stories. There are a few exceptions, such as where a blog-wide Twitter account is run on a more personal level, or where an official company account is so relevant that it warrants being included despite its impersonal nature (e.g. the Google-run accounts in the list) -- but for the most part, these are real people writing from personal perspectives.

So, without further ado, here are 25 interesting Android experts to follow on Twitter, listed in alphabetical order. Click the "Follow" button beneath any person's name to add him or her into your own Twitter collection.

(UPDATE: You can now view the experts' tweets collectively as an actual Twitter list, too, if you'd like.) 

  • Android Developers: Google's official Android developer info Twitter account. You'll find some technical talk geared toward devs along with a lot of important platform news.

    Follow @AndroidDev

  • Andy Rubin: The man who made Android and continues to serve as its leader. Andy doesn't tweet terribly often, but when he does, you'll want to hear what he has to say.

    Follow @Arubin

  • Behnam Fakhimi: Android developer and founder of the new Behnam posts a lot of news and thoughts about Android devices and development.

    Follow @benocharm

  • Benjamin Rubenstein: Editor of Benjamin muses about all things mobile with a firm focus on Android-based interests.

    Follow @BenjRubenstein

  • David J.: Founder and managing editor of David tweets tons of T-Mobile news, rumors, and leaks, many of which pertain to the Android platform.

    Follow @tmonews

  • Gina Trapani: Android developer, co-host of TWiT's "This Week in Google" podcast, and founder of Lifehacker. Gina knows Android in and out, and her Twitter feed reflects that knowledge.

    Follow @ginatrapani

  • Google Mobile: Google's official Twitter account for mobile product news. When there's an update to a Google Android app or the Android OS itself, this will be one of the first places you'll officially hear about it.

    Follow @googlemobile

  • Google Nexus: Google's official Twitter account for Nexus-related news. 'Nuff said.

    Follow @googlenexus

  • James Kendrick: Mobile news blogger for ZDNet. James writes about all mobile matters, and Android frequently plays a significant role in his stream.

    Follow @jkendrick

  • Jason Howell: Host of the "All About Android" podcast at the TWiT network. Jason is a great guy to follow for general Android news and thoughts.

    Follow @raygun01

  • Jessica Dolcourt: Cell phone reviews editor for CNET. Jessica has her hands on lots of Android technology and has no shortage of opinions to share.

    Follow @jdolcourt

  • JR Raphael: I write the Android Power blog and cover Google- and Android-related topics for a variety of tech publications. Also, I'm way too modest to ever include myself in my own list of Android experts. (Wait a minute...)

    Follow @jr_raphael

  • Kellen B.: The mysterious man behind I'm not even entirely sure what his name is -- I've seen it listed as Kellen B., Kellex, and Keller in various places -- but this dude never seems to run out of Droid leaks and rumors.

    Follow @droid_life

  • Kevin C. Tofel: Mobile editor for Kevin delivers an array of engaging Android news, along with thoughts and stories on other mobile platforms.

    Follow @KevinCTofel

  • Nicole Cozma: Mobile/Android writer for CNET. Nicole covers all angles of Android and adds a valuable perspective to the Twitter mix.

    Follow @c0z

  • Paul O'Brien: Founder of MoDaCo mobile forum site. His Twitter stream is a mixed bag of tech talk that often revolves around Android.

    Follow @PaulOBrien

  • Phil Nickinson: Editor of Phil's full of Android insight and info, so it's no surprise his tweets are consistently fun to follow.

    Follow @philnickinson

  • Rachid Otsmane-Elhaou: Founder of Rachid is an Android geek in the best sense of the term -- just look at his avatar if you need the proof.

    Follow @le3ky

  • Reto Meier: Tech lead of Android developer relations for Google. Reto works on Google's Android team and is a communications pro. What more could you want?

    Follow @retomeier

  • Romain Guy: Android engineer at Google. From his app-of-the-day posts to his general mobile observations, Romain's feed is one that's well worth watching.

    Follow @romainguy

  • Sascha Segan: Smartphone writer for Sascha offers strong opinions and smart takes on many mobile topics, with Android frequently falling in the fray.

    Follow @saschasegan

  • Steve Kondik: Creator of CyanogenMod. Better known as "Cyanogen," Steve is the guy behind the most widely known third-party ROM for Android phones. Did I mention he's now an engineer with Samsung Mobile, too?

    Follow @cyanogen

  • Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: Writer at ZDNet and other publications. SJVN isn't a straight-up Android columnist, but he is a guru on all things Linux and open source. Given the overlap between those worlds, Steven's Twitter feed is a no-brainer for any Android fan to follow.

    Follow @sjvn

  • Taylor Wimberly: Founder of Taylor's a down-to-earth Android enthusiast whose passion for the platform is contagious.

    Follow @wimbet

  • Tim Bray: Android developer advocate at Google. Tim's impressive tech industry background makes his Android insights all the more interesting to read.

    Follow @timbray

Is someone missing? This list is by no means a finished work; heck, I'm sure I've left out plenty of great Android

Android Power Twitter

communicators and thought-leaders. That's where you come in: If you know of someone who would make a good addition, leave his or her name and Twitter handle in the comments section below. I'll update and expand the list periodically.

JR Raphael writes about smartphones and other tasty technology. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Article copyright 2011 JR Raphael. All rights reserved.

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