Confirmed: Verizon's Droid Incredible Froyo rollout starts today

After all the rumors and speculation, it's finally official: Android 2.2 will hit Verizon's Droid Incredible today.

Verizon confirmed the start of the rollout on its @VZWSupport Twitter account just moments ago:

Droid Incredible Froyo Android 2.2

The carrier updated its Web site last night, as first reported here at Android Power, to indicate that new Droid Incredible devices had begun shipping with Android 2.2. That move followed the leak of alleged images from Verizon's computer systems pointing to today as the day for Froyo to start flowing.

As with all software rollouts, the process will likely take several days or even a few weeks to finish, so don't panic if you don't see the upgrade right away. A notification will show up on your phone as soon as it's ready to be downloaded and installed.

You can learn more about the upgrade procedure and what the new software will do for you at Verizon's official Droid Incredible software upgrade page.

Finally, a warning: If you're running HelixLauncher on your phone, be sure to read this before the upgrade begins. Helix and Froyo, to say the least, don't play well together.

As for other Android devices, check out our Android 2.2 upgrade list for the latest Froyo status. That page is always kept up-to-date as new information becomes available.

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