Apple tops the IBM security list with the most vulnerabilities

In an IBM security report Apple, for the second year in a row, topped the list of vendors with the most reported security vulnerabilities, and Linux took the top spot for the operating system with the most vulnerabilities. Will this finally put to rest the myth that Apple and Linux users are invulnerable from malware and hacks?

The report from IBM X-Force analyzed 4396 security vulnerabilities in the first half of 2010. Here's what it had to say about Apple:

Apple is maintaining the top spot of vendor with the most vulnerability disclosures accounting for a full four percent of all disclosures.

Apple also held the top spot for all of 2009. Microsoft is number two so far in 2010, and was number 3 in 2009.

It reports that Linux had more vulnerabilities than any other operating system. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it is the most vulnerable operating system, because Microsoft had the most serious vulnerabilities. Here's what the report has to say about operating systems:

As for operating systems, Linux took the number one position in the first half of this year for new operating system disclosures followed by Apple in second place. If you consider only the critical and high operating system disclosures, Microsoft dwarfed all the other players with 73 percent.

So there's no doubt that Windows is vulnerable. But as the report shows, so are Apple devices, and devices that run Linux. In fact, the main message of the report is that overall, 2010 has been a bad one so far for security. The report notes that reported security vulnerabilities are up 36% compared to a year ago, and that the first half of 2010 had the highest number of vulnerabilities ever recorded in the first half of a year.

So if you're a Mac or Linux user, don't think you're invulnerable --- like Windows users, you're not secure.

Go to the IBM X-Force page for more information.

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