Android 2.2 hitting Motorola Droid next week

Android 2.2 Motorola Droid

Well, folks, Froyo fever is officially in full swing.

Within a day of Sprint's announcement that it's sending the Android 2.2 upgrade to the EVO next week, Verizon has gone on the record as saying it's ready to feed Froyo to the Droid, too.

The original Motorola Droid is now set to receive Android 2.2 sometime during the week of August 2nd, putting it neck-and-neck with the EVO for the distinction of being the first carrier-driven Froyo upgrade. Google's Nexus One received Android 2.2 in late June, of course, but that phone is managed directly by Google rather than by any one carrier.

Aside from the "sometime next week" time frame, few specifics are being released about Verizon's Droid upgrade plans thus far. One would imagine the rollout will likely follow the typical carrier model in which the software is sent to a subset of users each day. That means even if the rollout begins on, let's say, Wednesday, some Droid users might not receive it until four or five days later. Once underway, a rollout typically takes no more than a few weeks to complete.

Still not known is exactly when Verizon's Droid X and Droid Incredible phones will get their Froyo fixes. Back at the Droid X launch event, execs said the Droid X and the original Droid would be upgraded around the same "late summer" date. More recently, rumors suggested the Droid X and Droid Incredible would get Froyo along with the original Droid next week. No such announcement has been made as of now.

UPDATE (8/5/10): Droid X will get Froyo 'by early September,' Motorola says

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Whew! Some week, eh?

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