Apple does the right thing at last for iPhone 4 reception woes

Steve Jobs may be brilliant in many ways, but his tendency to want to control all aspects of the narrative around his company's products blinded him to a golden cliche of retailing: The customer is always right.

It didn't matter whether Jobs thought complaints about the reception problem were overblown. Nor did it matter if other phones had similar problems -- if you set yourself up as a premium brand generating fanatical loyalty, the last thing you want to do is say "but others have the same glitch."

There were enough unhappy users out there -- many of them longtime Apple devotees -- that, well, suggesting people hold their phones differently wasn't the way to solve the problem.

I sure do wonder what finally caused Apple to change its tune. Consumer Reports refusing to recommend the device? David Letterman's "Top 10 ways you know you bought a bad iPhone?" Constant negative hammering across the media, with catchy phrases like "Apple's iPhlub?" A PR/marketing executive finally convincing Jobs that this was bringing down the brand?

Whatever the reason, Apple has finally done the right thing for its customers. Today's announcement that iPhone 4 users will be able to request a free case to solve reception issues should get Apple out from under the deluge of negative publicity it's suffered over the issue.

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