iPhone 4: queues everywhere, selling out

iPhone-mania this morning as queues form across the US for Apple's must-have product, even as shops across the UK, France, Germany and Japan have already sold out following huge demand.

Video above: The queue outside Apple's flagship Regent Street, London store this morning.

Naturally this Apple success has generated a heap of YouTube clips, Tweets, blog items and more.

But with Google's claim yesterday that it activates 160,000 Android handsets daily, the iPhone company need only point to the attention it is receiving with just one handset.

This begs the question: how will consumers react once Apple decides to diversify its product range?

Across the US this morning there have been queues, sometimes stretching around the block, or multiple blocks.

Queues are divided in two, one for people who pre-ordered, and one for people who didn't. With demand far exceeding supply, Apple staff may have a tough time managing expectations.

An amusing account (with images) of a night spent in the UK queue is available here, while the video below grabs a slice of life in the Fifth Avenue queue last night.

I'm hearing there's bigger lines for the iPhone 4 than for any previous Apple product, including the iPad.

You can feast your eyes on lots of images of queues across the world via Business Insider.

In Charlotte, over 1,000 people were stood outside of Apple's retail store at SouthPark Mall at 7am to purchase one.

In Knoxville, TN, up to 500 people are thought to have made the pilgrimage.

Apple opened its stores at 7am.

It didn't take long for them to begin selling out. tiPB informs us that Apple Store The Falls sold out within a very short time.

Below is a YouTube video of the crowd entering Apple's Fifth Avenue store.

Sales seem set to impress. Apple began delivering orders to 600,000 pre-order customers yesterday.

Supplies are inevitably not going to meet demand. We saw this during last week's pre-order debacle, and we'll see it again today. If you need to wait then consider how to prepare yourself for the upgrade.

Inventory has been so constrained that one UK rumor claims Apple delivered just 16,000 iPhone 4 units to serve the entire UK market.

With Apple presumably in position to manufacture two million iPhones per month, based on previous claims via Digitimes, and production said to have begun in May, analysts will begin to question if the company is in position to fulfil this level of demand.

As is customary with the release of any new product, some problems are already being reported, but this cannot disguise the fact that this release is clearly a sensation. Flash is really not required to ignite this pan.

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