Want some free Android cell phone stickers?

Looking for something to spruce up your Android phone? Google has a little treat for you.

Be warned: When I say "little," I mean little. But hey, it's free.

Google is offering sets of 12 "Gone Google" cell phone stickers to anyone and everyone today. The stickers are small oval-shaped decals that go on the back of your phone to let the world know you've gone Google.

Free Android Cell Phone Stickers

The giveaway is technically part of a promotion for Google's business-oriented Google Apps service, but you don't have to be an Apps customer to get in on the action. Just head to the official "Gone Google" site and follow the link at the top of the page. You'll have to give your e-mail address and mailing info -- the site promises those details are used only for confirming and shipping your order -- and that's it. Your stickers will supposedly arrive within 10 to 12 days.

Google says it has only a limited number of stickers to give away, so if you want yours, go get 'em now before they run out. (Update: As of the morning of Monday, June 14, it looks like the giveaway has ended.)

The "Gone Google" sticker sheets normally run $2.49 plus shipping.

Android Power author JR Raphael rarely passes up an opportunity for free stuff. Come hang with him on his fee-free Facebook page: facebook.com/The.JR.Raphael

(Image courtesy Google via TwitPic)

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