Prevx on Windows Black Screen of Death: We blew it

The security company Prevx, which recently garnered a great deal of publicity by claiming a Microsoft security patch is the cause of a so-called Black Screen of Death that disables PC, just admitted what much of the world already knew: They were absolutely wrong.

Prevx last week claimed that the November 10 Windows security updates changed Access Control List (ACL) in the Windows Registry, which led to the Black Screen of Death. Microsoft debunked that claim earlier today, and said the patch was not at fault.

Now Prevx has admitted that as well. On a company blog, director of research Jacques Erasmus admits that the Black Screen of Death is in fact caused by malware, not by the Microsoft security patch. He adds, "We apologize to Microsoft for any inconvenience our blog may have caused."

Something tells me that the people at Prevx aren't going to be named a Microsoft MVP any time soon.

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