Thank you Firefox

Yesterday, Gregg Keizer reported here about buggy, vulnerable software that Microsoft installed into Firefox. The first time Microsoft zapped Firefox without warning, it added an extension. This time, the vulnerable software is a plug-in. 

Firefox to the rescue. 

Firefox warns of a vulnerable add-on

Without any effort on my part, Firefox took it upon itself today to warn me about the vulnerable Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant software. As shown above, the browser automatically disabled the software, told me about the situation and patiently waited for me to click a button to complete the process. 

I had no idea that Mozilla maintains an Add-ons Blocklist.

Reason 314 of the 500 reasons to use Firefox.

Update: Just hours after writing the above, I was using another Windows XP computer and Firefox again warned about buggy Microsoft software. 


Why did this second warning (above) include software that the first one didn't?

I don't need to know. 

And for that, thank you Firefox.

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