Has the problematic Windows patch been pulled or not?

Frankly, I'm confused.

A February 11th blog posting at The Microsoft Security Response Center regarding problems with a patch issued last week said "We also stopped offering this update through Windows Update as soon as we discovered the restart issues."

This posting has not been updated in the six days since it was written.

The patch in question is known as MS10-015 and as KB977165, depending on the context.

Yesterday at Computerworld.com Gregg Keizer also reported that MS10-015 was no longer being issued. He quoted an email message from Jerry Bryant of Microsoft:

"Automatic Updates for MS10-015 will remain disabled until our investigation into the restart issues is complete"

But, KB977165 was installed on my Windows XP SP3 computer today, February 17th.

As proof, below is a list of the installed patches.

Windows patches from Feb 17

I always run Windows/Microsoft Update manually. I start with Internet Explorer 7 and then click Tools -> Windows Update. After that, I do a custom install rather than the express option.

The list of about-to-be-installed patches clearly showed KB977165. After rebooting, KB977165 shows up in the Add/Remove Programs list, and a folder called $NtUninstallKB977165$ was created under C:\Windows. It's installed. 

Not sure what to make of this.  

Update 1:05PM ET Windows Update on another machine, one running XP SP2, also installed KB977165. Again, this was a manually run patch installation, and thus I could have opted out of installing the patch. 

I asked Microsoft for clarification.

Update February 18, 2010. It turns out that the patch was pulled from Windows Update in some circumstances but not others. See The status of KB977165 and MS10-015 for details.

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