Will thin clients and remote desktop be big on the iPad?

Maybe I'm not thinking out of the box enough on this one, but one of the things I am most looking forward to on the iPad is the ability to use remote desktop to control my larger computers.

The iPhone does a few remote desktop apps.  There is a Citrix thin client as well as a bunch of RDC/VNC applications that can be used to control media centers or to control a whole PC or Mac. On the iPhone, the experience lags both because the iPhone is slow and the screen is much smaller than any desktop.

Enter the iPad with a faster processor, faster N wireless networking (iPhone and iPod touch are 802.11g at the moment) and more than quadruple the screen area.  This might be interesting.

Initially, I'm thinking I can control my Mac with touch interface and access files remotely. I'd also be able to check on my kid's Mac from the couch to make sure he's not getting in trouble.

I use Windows to do Quickbooks (sorry! the Mac Version lags and my accountant hates Mac files anyway).   Now I can leave that PC in the basement and access it from anywhere in the house via RDC over Wi-Fi on the iPad.  Assuming Apple allows the iPad to use VPNs, I will also be able to dial into my home computers from the outside on this device.

Apple may even get in this game with a Back-to-my-Mac client that controls your Macs through MobileMe.

Then there are things like cameras, Flash and Java, something Apple fans have been jawing about for months.  With the iPad, you simply connect to your Mac and watch some Flash applications.  The video will be slow and the voices might not match up, but you'll have Hulu working properly.  The same with a  camera.  Connect to your laptop and snap some pictures and video.

Am I insane to think that remote desktop is one of the more important capabilities of the iPad?

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