Isaac Newton's birthday celebrated with a falling Apple doodle

No, Google's Doodle isn't celebrating Chrome's passing of Apple's Safari browser or knocking off any of Apple's products.  The falling Apple is to commemorate the Birthday of Isaac Newton, who was born on January 4th, 1643. 


If he hadn't died of cranial complications related to gravitational forces displayed on pomaceous fruits, he would have been 392 today (he died of natural causes at a ripe old age).

Issac Newton's name was also the inspiration for Apple's previous tablet adventure, the Newton, which also died an unceremonious death at the hands of Apple.  

Perhaps you've heard: Apple is getting ready to wheel out another tablet soon. There's little hope of them calling it the Newton however, the unpopular 'iSlate' seems to be slated for this tablet.

Google's set to reveal their Nexus One phone at tomorrow's special event, though most of the details have already been leaked.  It likely won't make a dent in the commotion caused by Apple's January 26th event however, which hasn't even been announced yet.

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