Wireless gift guide

With the holidays in full swing, I have a few suggestions for last-minute (or late) gifts.  As with everything on my "Cautiously Cutting the Cord" blog, they are centered around wireless technology.  Without further ado, here are my recommendations:

  • Sony Playstation 3 - A favorite among adolescents and adults alike, the PS3 gets my nod because it incorporates not one, but *two* different wireless technologies.  It has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter for connection to the Playstation Network, which allows for online game play, game downloads, and more.  The controllers are also wireless, but are not based on Wi-Fi.  Instead, they work on Bluetooth technology.
  • Powermat Wireless Charging Station - OK, so I haven't actually used one of these, but they look soooooooooo cool (as emphasized by the extra o's).  To the best of my knowledge, the Powermat works on electromagnetic induction, which is to say that it transfers power based on a shared magnetic field.  It seems that you need both a mat and a specific "receiver" for the device you want to charge.  However, it can charge up to three devices at a time such as iPhones, Blackberries, or Bluetooth headsets.
  • An 802.11n Access Point - 802.11n is the latest and greatest wireless standard, which was ratified in September of this year. 802.11n has several technical improvements that allow for greater speed, range, and reliability.  These improvements make 802.11n wireless access points a great choice both at home and in the enterprise. 
  • Pet rock - It's simple.  It's affordable.  It's wireless.  What more could you ask for?  OK, this is more of a "gag-gift", but at least it doesn't have to be plugged in...

Which wireless device do YOU hope to get as a gift this holiday season?  Let me know by submitting a comment.

Douglas J. Haider is a Principal Technologist with Xirrus. He hosts a personal blog at WiFiJedi.com, and micro-blogs on Twitter @wifijedi

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