SharePoint 2010: Magical Solution with New Organizational Challenges

Thinking about productivity and creativity balance for SharePoint 2010 deployments

In his keynote speech at the SharePoint 2009 Conference, taking place right now in Las Vegas, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called SharePoint "magical."  The upcoming SharePoint 2010 release is certainly that - but it's also overwhelming.  There are incredible improvements for SharePoint developers and end users alike, but there are also new opportunities to lose focus along the way towards building useful collaboration solutions.

One of the most engaging features of the 2010 releases of Office and SharePoint is the rich and powerful capability to integrate and edit multi-media into documents, presentation, and SharePoint sites.  End users will have an incredible number of easy to use inline tools to create visually stunning Word and PowerPoint documents and a myriad of new ways to easily apply creative themes and visuals to their SharePoint sites.  It's all great - in principle, but I worry about how much of a time sync perfecting the look of your document, presentation, or team site could become.  You want your documentations, presentations, and sites to look good, but ...

As organizations think about implementing SharePoint 2010, it's clear that policies and expectations around governance will be more important than ever.  An overriding guiding principle for 2010 governance plans will be to remind users to remember to balance creativity with productivity.  As much as we want our assets to look good, we also want to deliver value, which comes from substance (i.e., content).  It's not about choosing one over the other, it will be about achieving balance.

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