SharePoint Trick: Link to an Image Thumbnail

Creating a link to an image thumbnail in SharePoint

I am working with a client where we have a SharePoint list and each list item is associated with an image in an image library. We can easily create a link from the list to the image itself using a Hyperlink column in the list - but when we do that, the default URL for the image displays the image in full size mode - not the cute little thumbnail that you see in the image library. So our challenge for the day was: can you link to the image thumbnail instead of the image itself?

Turns out, you can - but the thumbnail link is not very easy to find. Here's how we did it:

  • Navigate to the image in the image library where it is stored.
  • Click on the image so that you see the "item view" of the image. The default attributes such as Name, Title, and Preview will show up, along with an attribute called Thumbnail Preview.
  • The link to the Thumbnail Preview is not easily exposed, but you can "cheat" and find it by right clicking on the image and then selecting Properties.
  • Select the entire contents of the Address (URL) field shown in the thumbnail image properties. Be sure to keep scrolling in the Address (URL) field until you have captured the complete URL for the thumbnail. You will know if you have it right if you see _jpg.jpg at the end.
  • You can then paste this "secret" URL in a hyperlink column in your list and the link will show the thumbnail, not the image preview.

You can also create the link to the Thumbnail on your own by inserting the characters _t/ in front of the file name and the characters _jpg immediately after the file name in the default image URL as shown below:

Link to default image preview:

  • intranet/sitename/libraryname/foldername/imagename.jpg

Link to Thumbnail for the same image:

  • intranet/sitename/libraryname/foldername/_t/imagename_jpg.jpg

This quick little tip is pretty "end user friendly" and allowed us to create some much more usable views in our custom list.

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