SharePoint 2010 vs. 2013 Feature Comparison Summary for Business Users

Examples of some SharePoint 2013 experiences that business users will appreciate

Recently, I was asked to document a summary list of the key differences between SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 from the perspective of the business user. Clearly, the modern UI of SharePoint 2013 provides an engaging user experience, but that won’t be enough to explain to your users about how their day-to-day experiences with SharePoint might be improved with an upgrade to 2013.

While I won’t claim that this list covers every possible feature, I prepared a summary of some of the key areas that I think “end users” will really notice and appreciate (with pictures!). Since Microsoft’s plans for SharePoint 2013 include a far more rapid update cycle, some of my favorite features could be very different in the months to come.

Since I’m not sure how long this document will survive, I figured I had better share it while it is still relevant!

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