Windows 7: 10 top tools for power users

Windows 7 works fine out of the box, but why settle for 'fine'? From an all-in-one system utility to an enhanced clipboard, these 10 tools can give Windows 7 -- and your productivity -- a serious boost.
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<a target='new' href=''>Bins</a>

Windows 7 lets you "pin" icons for programs, files, websites and more to the taskbar for quick access. Bins enhances that feature dramatically by letting you group multiple icons into one "bin" on the taskbar, which gives you access to more items with less clutter.

Once Bins is installed, drag one taskbar icon over another and a small window appears. Drop the icon into the window, and you've created a bin that shows a mini-icon for each grouped item. When you mouse over the bin, it expands and displays full-sized icons for the items in that bin. Removing an icon from a bin works just like removing an icon from the taskbar: Right-click and choose Unpin.

Bins from 1Up Industries
Price: $4.99

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