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IT webcasts and technology videos for implementing and optimizing IT strategy, technology products, enterprise solutions, and more.

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PST Archiving: What is it and How is it Done?

Learn more about what PST data is, the risks relating to it, and how the new PST Archiving feature in the Simpana 10 software can help efficiently and effectively manage it in this short video.

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HP DevOps KnowledgeVault

This interactive resource focuses on the evolution taking place in the world of software development, specifically the Agile development framework, and the gap that's arisen between the development teams and the operations team. It offers an informative series of videos, white papers and research on how to chart your course through this new DevOps world.

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Introducing Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery From VMware

Cost-effectively protect your business applications in the case of a local disaster or disruptive event. VMware is excited to introduce vCloud Hybrid Service - Disaster Recovery, a recovery-as-a-service (RaaS) offering built on VMware vSphere. The service offers a simple, automated process for replicating and recovering critical applications and data in a warm standby environment. Join us for this webinar and learn how this service can help ensure your business applications are safeguarded and operational disruption is kept as a minimum.

Attend this webcast to:

Learn more about the service and what it includes
Find out about key features, including self-service protection, automated failover testing, planned migrations and recovery
Hear about common DR use cases that are a good fit for the solution

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Vblock™ Specialized System for SAP HANA®

Deploy SAP HANA® fast and with low risk. VCE brings together all of the necessary components for SAP HANA® into a single, standardized converged infrastructure system to ensure maximum performance at scale even with high data volumes. The combination ensures SAP HANA® is deployed into production with the trusted predictable performance, one-stop customer support, and security that are consistently delivered across the entire Vblock Systems family and unmatched in the industry.

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Why do you need an enterprise mobile platform?

Today companies must offer great apps that run on a range of devices, and connect to an exploding set of backend data. Appcelerator solves for this new mobile reality: delivering native cross-platform apps at the speed of web, mobilizing any data source, and driving success with real-time analytics - all from an open, cloud-based platform. See how.

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What are the desktop virtualization market trends and how can you successfully deploy your solution?

You've probably heard about desktop virtualization -- and some of its benefits -- things like tighter security, streamlined management and lower costs. But would desktop virtualization be right for your company? Could you expect to reap all those benefits? And how quickly would you gain a return on investment?

In this webcast, hear from two experts on desktop virtualization market trends and how to deploy a successful solution.

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Spotlight On: Private Cloud Endpoint Backup

Need total control over your data and destiny? Does your IT strategy mandate on-premises or inside-the-firewall solutions? Then a private cloud approach to enterprise endpoint backup might be right for you.

In this 45-minute webinar, we dive deep into ideal scenarios for and benefits from a private cloud endpoint backup strategy. Watch today to find out why only CrashPlan lets YOU decide where your critical business data is stored!

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IT Can Be Done: How to Protect Enterprise Data Yet Enable Secure Access for End Users

Let's face it. Today's enterprise IT is faced with an increasingly challenging landscape, as the proliferation of personal devices in the work place and the sheer amount of unstructured data and content being generated continues to reach new heights. And to add further complication into the mix, IT teams must now combat increased security risks stemming from knowledge workers violating policies in the name of productivity.

Not surprisingly, these current market trends present new challenges AND opportunities for IT. Teams need to determine how to best protect their enterprise environments while ensuring end users can securely access their data, whenever and from wherever.

Join this webinar to hear from a panel led by eWEEK Editor Chris Preimesberger and composed of industry pros who'll share how enterprise IT can get in front of these issues while continuing to enable and delight their end users. Attendees will also learn:

How BYOD, Big Data and the use of rogue applications and devices is putting crucial, corporate data at risk
Best practices and use case scenarios from real IT pros in the trenches Immediate steps to take in order to better protect enterprise data while providing end users with secure data access

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How to serve up a Grand Slam with a scalable IT Infrastructure for cloud, big data and advanced analytics

How can you be ready to compete in an ever changing world?

You cannot afford to be unprepared to take on business opportunities as they surface. Innovative organizations understand that they can take advantage of the massive amounts of data they capture from customers, partners and suppliers - advantage to increase customer satisfaction, drive revenue and improve profits with real-time actionable insights. These organizations need strategies driven by data. At the same time, business leaders need a hybrid cloud infrastructure that can support increasing and decreasing infrastructure requirements as workloads change. Successful organizations prepare for the future with a scalable, secure and open infrastructure that helps realize business goals without putting their reputation or bottom line at risk.

Register today to attend this webcast, to get an industry analyst view from Judith Hurwitz, Hurwitz Consulting, on how the right infrastructure helps with Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social. And, see examples of how The U.S. Tennis Association, Wimbledon and U.S. Golf Association are using the right IT infrastructure to deploy Cloud and Big Data & Analytics.

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The Value of Symantec NetBackup Appliances

In this video, Symantec's Shelley Schmokel, Principal Product Manager for NetBackup Appliances, talks about the NetBackup Integrated Appliances and how they deliver enterprise-class backup and recovery in a simple, performance-optimized form factor.

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Enterprise Strategy Group Lab Review - Symantec NetBackup 7.6 for VMware

Virtualization has changed the face of IT, enabling consolidation of infrastructure and management that reduces costs, and adding new levels of agility and flexibility. But protecting virtual environments can be a challenge. This ESG Lab Validation report documents remote testing of Symantec NetBackup 7.6, with a focus on new integration with VMware. Sections are included on fast and efficient data protection, backup-managed storage snapshots and integrated vCenter management.

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On-Demand Webcast: 7 Reasons to Choose VoIP

Thinking about a new phone system for your business?
Be sure to watch this informative webcast. Steve Strauss, small business columnist for USA Today and author of the Small Business Bible, shares his useful and powerful expertise with small businesses during this one-hour, On-Demand Webcast titled:
Why I Vote for VoIP over Standard Telephone for Small Business
Watch this webcast now to learn how VoIP can:
- Save you money
- Integrate easily into your business
- Improve business productivity
- Provide powerful features and benefits
Featuring success stories and much more!

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Top 8 Communications Tools for Small Businesses

Powerful technology is available to help your small business improve its communications with customers, employees and suppliers.

View this free On-Demand Webcast produced by BizLaunch, to learn:

- Eight powerful tools used by successful small business owners
- How to boost your communications capabilities
- How to gain a competitive edge

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Enterprise Strategy Group Lab Review - Symantec NetBackup 5230 Appliance

From consolidated compute environments to backup/recovery appliances, integrated solutions are being leveraged by many IT organizations to simplify deployment and improve operational efficiency. ESG Lab tested one of those appliances, the Symantec NetBackup (NBU) 5230, focusing on ease of deployment and management as well as data protection efficiency. This report presents the parameters of the test and ESG Labs' conclusions.

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Integrated Swiss Army Knife - 6 Use Cases for Data Protection Appliances

Data protection appliances that combine backup, deduplication and recovery are the Swiss Army Knife of storage solutions. Yet while these all-in-one tools can address a number of different technology and business requirements, IT organizations should have a clear understanding of their specific needs. This white paper features several case studies to help organizations determine which appliance solution will be right for them.

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Unified Communications 101

What's the best way to implement a unified communications solution for your organization? And how can you get past some of the most common misconceptions about this technology, and sell it to management?

Independent networking expert Ed Tittel will debunk unified communications myths and provide answers to your burning questions, such as how small businesses like yours can:
- Use this technology to boost productivity
- Get more out of your existing Internet connectivity using UC
- Improve customer outreach and improve overall communications
- Compare and contrast costs and benefits

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Symantec NetBackup Appliances: Key Factors in Modernizing Backup and Recovery

Challenged with growing storage demands, organizations are turning to purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs). These turnkey solutions enable efficient, storage-optimized data protection for the data center, remote office and virtual environments. This white paper outlines a structured approach to assessing the advantages and requirements of the PBBA model, and in particular the unique capabilities of Symantec NetBackup™ appliances in delivering a simple, complete and cost-effective solution.

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Why Purpose-Built Backup Appliances?

Seeking cost-effective data protection solutions that can handle the ever-growing expansion of data, organizations are frequently turning to purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs). In fact, the PBBA market is growing at a greater rate than the overall market for data protection and recovery. This short video highlights the benefits of both target and integrated PBBA solutions.

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The Evolution and Value of Purpose Built Backup Appliances from IDC

Purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs) are the latest solution for organizations seeking complete data backup and recovery. PBBAs feature preconfigured hardware, interconnects, interfaces and software, and typically include data deduplication, compression, encryption and replication features. This white paper explores the increased adoption of PBBAs and the utility they provide to organizations for their data protection processes.

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State of Michigan Success Story

Charged with maintaining volumes of information, much of it highly sensitive personal data, the State of Michigan's IT team moved to an appliance-based backup and recovery system using Symantec's NetBackup™ 5220 appliance. In this video, state IT leaders discuss the benefits they've seen with the system, including greater efficiency, lower costs, shorter backup windows and improved reliability.

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