Apple outsmarts the thieves

The Apple Pay approach to mobile payment turns the security conundrum upside down by keeping data out of thief-magnet servers.

univac i brl61 0977, public domain

Where is modern IT heading?

Put 100 CIOs in a room and ask them that question and you’ll get no consensus.

iPhone side view

Review: First impressions of the new iPhone 6

Apple's new iPhone 6 hits the mark for technological excellence and stylish design, with a bigger brighter display, upgraded hardware and millions of buyers clamoring to get one.

haptics smartphone vibration

How haptics will transform your gadgets

The era of ubiquitous haptic user interfaces has been predicted for two decades. Now it's finally here. Can you feel it?

Larry Ellison, Oracle

Ellison downshifts, but leadership team remains the same

The same three leaders at Oracle will carry on, though their roles have changed.

close up of a speedometer unit 57436662

Beyond FLOPS: The co-evolving world of computer benchmarking

Benchmarks have been evolving along with the hardware they measure, and both are getting more complex.


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