An immature security program is an exciting challenge

After four years of building one company’s security program, our manager feels the need to take on a new challenge.

Commerce Department CIO pushed to shake up federated model

When Simon Szykman was named CIO of the U.S. Department of Commerce, he inherited a federated IT organization that needed to improve its efficiency and effectiveness, so he applied his strategic vision and consensus-building skills in

blackberry passport white

BlackBerry Passport deep-dive review: Qwerty meets quirky

Qwerty fans will welcome the unit's keyboard, quad-core processor, big battery and voice assistant, but its square shape and hefty weight may give others pause.

10 confounding programming language features

Programming languages are full of peculiarities, but these oddities tend to make developers say "Huh?" more than most.

big data 13

White House blames IT systems for immigration data problems

The White House has touted open data initiatives for years, but in one of the most controversial areas in politics -- immigration -- crucial information is often unavailable or mistake-filled.

screen shot 2014 05 27 at 12.54.26 pm

Oracle, trade moves in marketing software fight

Oracle, and other vendors are looking to build out full-blown "customer engagement" suites and directly target chief marketing officers.

Talent compass pointing to the most highly skilled

Wary tech workers now prefer mid-size companies

Working for a startup may have lost its appeal to IT pros who, after the recent recession, prefer positions at medium-sized companies that offer a startup's innovative environment and a large company's stability.

10 (mostly) free Exchange admin tools

If you're in charge of an Exchange deployment of almost any size, there's something in here for you.


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