Puzzle-piece faces, with one standing up; difference; fitting in

Embedded IT: Would you fit in?

The trend toward embedding IT workers within business units has been much heralded in theory, but slow to take off in practice. Organizations that have made the move to an embedded IT workforce talk about the pros and cons.

Facebook on window

Now on CIO: Why IT should be skeptical of 'Facebook at Work'

Facebook wants to move into the busy enterprise social market, but its plans raise a number of important questions and concerns for IT.

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HoloLens: Microsoft unveils a distraction

Microsoft wants us to ooh and ahh at HoloLens. But what is the company’s other hand doing with Windows as a Service.

microsoft hololens family room rgb

HoloLens: Look who’s innovating

It’s Microsoft, and its latest moves suggest a real shift in the corporate culture.

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6 DNS services protect against malware and other unwanted content

A good DNS service can protect users from a variety of unwanted Web intruders, including phishing sites and botnets. We look at six of them.

Computerworld, digital edition [February 2015 cover]

IT jobs market booming in the Southwest

If you don’t feel chained to the coasts, Austin and other cities may have what you’re looking for. Read more in the 2015 IT Salary & Jobs Report, part of our February Digital Magazine.

Dieter Haban, CIO, Daimler Trucks North America [2014]

Daimler Trucks' top IT exec hires a mix of 'Einsteins' and 'Edisons'

Dieter Haban, CIO at Daimler Trucks North America, led the team that developed a real-time, factory-installed remote diagnostic system found on more than 70,000 Daimler Freightliner trucks.

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