Mac, Chromebook gains soften PC industry decline

While forecasts for PC shipments have brightened, much of the improvement is likely because Chromebooks and Macs will make up a larger part of this year's market.

surveillance 101044090

Hillary Clinton wants a global pact on surveillance and data collection

US companies are being unfairly tarred for perceived cooperation with the government, she said

facebook messenger

Facebook tries to quell Messenger rumors

Facebook is going on the offensive, trying to do damage control for its Messenger app.

Computerworld logo, teaser in red

Out with the old, in with the new

Welcome to the new Computerworld, a completely reimagined, redesigned and re-architected website.

Goals are great, except when they’re not

You want your team to strive toward a common goal. Just make sure you’ve set a goal that makes sense for accomplishing what really matters.

server room with white servers 147706389

Server sales have turned a corner

Intel's Grantley Xeon chip and the end of support for Windows Server 2003 should keep server makers busy for a while


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