evolution apple microsoft

Microsoft hides $43B Apple-esque business in plain sight

Microsoft has created a $43 billion business, a potential Apple-and-OEM-esque company-within-a-company, that could be used to take up the slack if some of its computer-making partners falter.

dell emc merger

Dell, EMC deal is a reconciliation of a conflicted 10-year marriage

Dell and EMC spent 10 years selling each other's storage products, a deal that created billions of dollars in revenue for the companies. But when the relationship got too competitive, the partnership ended two years earlier than

cybersecurity ts

Now on CIO: A 'cyber Pearl Harbor' could mean new security mandates

Lawmaker warns that lack of cybersecurity standards in government and private sector is ‘of great concern.’ New regulations could rankle the tech industry.

osmo words

10 new words you need to know in Silicon Valley

As mobile and consumer technology alters our lives, new coinages bubble up in the social networks to capture and express how people live. Here are 10 new words you need to know in order to describe the culture of Silicon Valley as

light bulb

Ideas are better than ideology

Using a core set of beliefs about the right way to do things can seem like the most professional approach to evaluating ideas. It isn’t.

Future Wi-Fi

How to configure Wi-Fi channels for top network performance

Understanding how Wi-Fi frequency bands and channels work is key to a reliable wireless network with minimal interference.

Computerworld Digital Spotlight: SDN - cover

Digital spotlight: The pioneers of SDN

The software-defined networking market is set to explode, and the benefits could be huge. Download our PDF to find out what early adopters have learned

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