google privacy

Six browser plug-ins that protect your privacy

Privacy is a real concern for users these days. We review six browser plug-ins that offer privacy protection -- and a way to avoid ads.


Silicon Valley's next disruption: Reality!

Virtual reality and augmented reality are practically the same thing and will be served up to us in breathtaking and unexpected ways.

security encryption key

Once the FBI has a backdoor into your phone, everyone does

FBI director James Comey believes tech companies should be forced to insert backdoors to bypass smartphone encryption.

yosemite dark theme

Yosemite review: OS X 10.10 gets ready for the big time

Apple's new desktop operating system, Yosemite, has arrived. What does it promise for Mac users? Our reviewer tried it out and details his findings.

U.S. 20 dollar bills

Take part in Computerworld's IT Salary Survey for 2015!

What's your earning power? Help Computerworld editors paint a complete picture of IT compensation trends by taking our 29th annual IT Salary Survey. While you're there, enter to win one of three $500 American Express gift cheques.


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