windows 10 new start menu

Microsoft listens and learns, pulls a passing grade for Windows 10

The most important ingredient in Windows 10's success in its first year was Microsoft's decision to listen to users and make changes to the OS.

Computerworld Podcast: Mingis on Tech

Mingis on Tech: Windows 10 turns 1

It's been a year since Windows 10 arrived. Executive News Editor Ken Mingis talks with Windows expert Preston Gralla about Microsoft's OS and what's new in the Anniversary Update.

windows server download update install

Windows Server 2016 licensing and servicing options explained

There is a new bifurcated servicing model for Windows Server that depends in part on which installation option you choose.

5 important things to know before a last-minute Windows 10 upgrade

Make sure if you upgrade to Windows 10 you remember these important factors, which could make all of the difference.

beer pong

Microsoft misjudges millennials, spectacularly

Beer pong, sexy schoolgirls and racist rants: A string of marketing and recruiting missteps suggests the company is desperate to be noticed by the younger set.

Computerworld Digital Edition - August 2016 [cover]

Read Computerworld’s August monthly digital magazine!

In this edition: Bridging IT’s growing generation gap, legacy systems to the rescue, scaling analytics and much more.

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