self service big data

Getting the most out of big data

Without proper information governance, enterprises are likely to lose out on valuable insights. (Insider; registration required)

social demography thinkstock

Now on CIO: Looking for a new job? Today is your lucky day

Contrary to conventional wisdom, most job-seekers aren't active on weekends. Tuesday is the 'magic day' for hiring.

broken chain

Sony reminds us all what a pathetically weak link email is

We all rely on email too much to share sensitive information, and we’re all at risk.


Inside Apple's future iPhone camera

Apple just bought a startup that makes revolutionary new smartphone camera technology. You won't believe your eyes.

pontiac aztek

With data analytics, no more Pontiac Azteks

Focus groups had a hand in the development of what is widely considered one of the ugliest car in history. Today, there are better ways to know what consumers really want, as opposed to what they say they want.

Why 2015 will bring the death of email overload

Email is not quite the "premium channel" for digital communication.

Drones Behaving Badly

Drones behaving badly: Dark skies ahead

Technical advances -- and questionable use -- are fast accelerating the need for policies regarding the unmanned future of our skies

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