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Pulling net neutrality from a swamp of lies

The FCC has given net neutrality new life, but there’s still a lot of work to be done — and there’s an incredible amount of nonsense being said about the ruling.

Time to FREAK out? How to tell if you're vulnerable

Not everyone is vulnerable to the FREAK flaw researchers disclosed on Tuesday. Here's how to tell if you are.


Information overload, SIEM version

Our manager is very happy with the performance of his security information and event management platform, but sometimes it’s too much for the network bandwidth. Fortunately, an easy fix is at hand.

android for work

Now on CIO: Android for Work pushes Google further into enterprise

Google is courting enterprise customers like never before and wants to change the game with Android for Work, but could its efforts prove to be too little, too late?

toughpad fzg1 dust

Break me if you can: 4 rugged tablets put to the test

Tablets are useful, but can be fragile. These four tablets -- three Windows and one Android -- will take a licking and keep on ticking.

mr spock

LLAP, Star Trek tech!

The death of Leonard Nimoy brings to mind how far-reaching the Star Trek legacy has been.

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Emerging enterprise techs to watch

The latest batch includes quantum computing, gamification, reactive programming, augmented reality, transient electronics and Named Data Networking.

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