windows 10 desktop

U.S. proves to be a stronghold for Windows 10

Windows 10 usage in the U.S. is about 24% higher than worldwide, U.S. government statistics show.

windows 10 upgrade notification

Is Microsoft making Windows worse to make it better?

Windows 10 is being presented as an OS in continuous development. We’re used to cloud services being a work in progress, but how well does that transfer to the an operating system?

mozilla firefox san francisco

Mozilla revenue climbs 5% in final year of Google search deal

Mozilla's revenue for 2014 was up 5%, with the bulk of its earnings coming from the search deals struck for the open-source developer's Firefox browser.

virtual reality football headset and gloves

6 nerd words everybody gets wrong

The language of technology is a moving target. As the technology changes, so do the usage models, business models and behaviors associated with it. So do the words.

2015 retina imacs

Hands on: A month with Apple’s 4K 21.5-in. iMac

The biggest difference in this year’s refreshed entry-level iMac is easy to see: It’s the new 4K screen, which brings a stunning high-resolution Retina display to the pricier 21.5-in. model. But to get the most from the iMac, you’ll

Computerworld holiday gift guide 2015

More tech gift ideas (with video!)

From device chargers to action cams, smartphones to speakers, here's the best tech gear to give and get this holiday season.

The sad, disappointing, and frustrating state of 4K video

I had high hopes for 4K finally living up to my expectations. Ah, not really.

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