Larry Ellison, Oracle

Ellison downshifts, but leadership team remains the same

The same three leaders at Oracle will carry on, though their roles have changed.

Apple iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

Review: iOS 8 packs snappy new features

Apple's new iOS 8 mobile operating system is a snappy upgrade that includes interactive notifications, an updated Photo app and better integration between iOS and OS X devices.

SAP CEO Bill McDermott

SAP CEO Bill McDermott explains why Concur is worth $8.3B

SAP CEO Bill McDermott is confident the addition of business-travel and expense software vendor Concur will prove worthwhile, both in terms of market attention and new revenue.

close up of a speedometer unit 57436662

Beyond FLOPS: The co-evolving world of computer benchmarking

Benchmarks have been evolving along with the hardware they measure, and both are getting more complex.

Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft.

Nadella regime board shuffle continues at Microsoft

Microsoft's board of directors continued to morph yesterday as it turned over two members, the latest move in the biggest shuffling of the board since the company went public nearly three decades ago.

Data and analytics

IBM looks to replace the spreadsheet with Watson Analytics

In an effort to commercialize its Watson analysis technology, IBM is testing a new service that answers questions business managers might have about their data.


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