seamless security

How to create seamless mobile security for employees

If your organization’s security procedures are disruptive and clunky, frustrated employees will figure out how to get around them. Here’s how three companies created a secure and seamless experience for end users.

Missed target.

Now on CIO: H1B visa controversy obscures bigger issues

H1B is a high-profile scapegoat issue that deflects national attention away from a much thornier structural challenge, argues columnist Gary Beach.

Data Security

Network security needs big data

As the inadequacies of perimeter-centric defenses become clearer, the zero-trust model grows more appealing. As for ZTM, it will need big data to succeed.

whats your digital story

Doing digital right

When it comes to going digital, companies often make three big mistakes.

lenovo yoga tablet 2

Yoga Tablet 2 and Tablet 2 Pro review: Innovative but imperfect

Lenovo's new Yoga Tablet 2 and Tablet 2 Pro have innovative designs and unusual features but are held back by some unnecessary flaws.

Fidelity's top IT exec sees potential in A.I.

For several years, Stephen Neff, enterprise CTO at Fidelity Investments, focused on the cloud, social tools and mobile. Now he's looking at emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, gamification and wearables.

blackberry passport

OK, BlackBerry, what else have you got besides security?

The once-dominant mobile-email player’s latest pitch is irrelevant for today’s smartphone buyers. Can the company’s BYOD pitch save the day?

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